Setup WIFI for your Back Yard Preview – 1.0 Only

Power up the Brain Box

  • Make sure you and your Back Yard Preview is close to your WiFi Router.
  • Plug the power on to the Back Yard Preview.
    • If your Back Yard Preview is already on, unplug the power to the brain box, wait 10 seconds, then plug the power back in to the brain box.
    • Once you see the Backyard Preview Logo, go to your Wifi Settings on your device.

Connect to the BYP WIFI Network

Use a device that can connect to WiFi.

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Computer

Go to WiFi settings on your device to lookup networks in your area.

  • Select the BYP Wi-fi network.
  • Example: BYP-cf00.

Enter Password for BYP WIFI Network

Enter Password and join the BYP WIFI Network.

The Password is:


If you are unable to connect to the BYP WIFI Network:

  • Unplug the power to the Brain Box, wait 10 seconds, then plug back in the power.
  • After the BYP Logo appears on screen, retry connecting to the BYP WIFI Network and add Password.

Go to

After connecting to the BYP WIFI Network, open a Web Browser on your device and go to:

The BYP Device Portal should load in your Browser.

Connect BYP to Your WIFI Network

Select Your WIFI Network and Click NEXT

Wifi Network Password

Type Password for selected WIFI Network and click NEXT.

Device Registration

Register your Device by typing in:

  • Store/Location # (If applicable)
  • Device Name 
  • Email Address

Then click NEXT.

Connect to WIFI

Review that your WIFI network and password are correct then click SUBMIT.

If your information is incorrect, click CANCEL.

Connected to WIFI

Once you SUBMIT, the Back Yard Preview will attempt to connect to your WIFI Network. 

You will receive a response that you are now connected to your WIFI Network.

If you have issues connecting to the WIFI, please reboot your Back Yard Preview, and walkthrough the WIFI Connection steps again.

Video and Software Updates will be downloaded automatically over WIFI once they are available.

  • To check if new videos have been downloaded, you can log back into the BYP Device Portal by following the steps above.
  • Click The menu link, then click “Media”.
  • Scroll through the list of videos and look to see if the new videos are listed.